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The Era of the List Post

The list post has always been around, but its prevalence is only amplified by media groups like Buzzfeed. Lists posts are more likely to be shared than a “how to” or “why” post, and if you aren’t using them you’re missing out on a potential powder keg of engagement.

List posts are a great way to get information across quickly. These posts are easy to digest and allow people to interpret the information the way the brain likes it. People are also more likely to retain the information from a list because mentally it is easier to visualize items in a list than as a solid block of text.

Studies show that posts with images are a great way to get quick engagement and lists lend themselves well to including images. Because list posts engage readers, they are also more likely to be shared.

From a writer’s perspective, they are also easier to write. It’s easy to organize thoughts into a list because that’s the simplest form. Keeping things on topic and concise is simple and, at least for some people, they’re fun to write!

List posts can cover any topic, so there’s no reason not to try it and then put your own spin on it to stand out.

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