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Email Marketing: Managed Inbox Optimization

Whether you have one email for all your needs or separate emails for work, play, etc., you probably receive marketing emails. We’ve all had them fill our inboxes to the brim after signing up for just one too many 10% off discounts at a new online store. To combat the overflow, you may have put in place a filtering system, or perhaps your inbox provider does it for you. Either way, you have implemented an inbox management system. 

Email marketing is a tricky game. How do you encourage someone to even open your email, let alone read it? With a managed inbox intervening and filtering out emails, how do you make sure yours make the cut? We’ll tell you.

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The Rise of the Managed Inbox

In 2013, Google put features in place in Gmail to help manage user’s inboxes. This was in response to an overwhelming increase in emails from unauthenticated senders and general spam. 

Internet Service Providers and third party applications began to integrate management systems with users inboxes. While users rejoiced, marketers were a little wary in terms of deliverability. They reacted in two ways: researching new ways to email market or continuing on as normal. The fear, of course, was that email ROI would drop as messaging ended up in an ignored inbox tab.

Beginning Your Managed Inbox Optimization

When it comes to making sure your emails end up in the right spot, there are a few key places to look: 

  1. The first is positive engagement. The more positive engagement your have with your emails, the better your inbox placement. Clicks, reads, and opens are all indications that you are delivering the email content that your audience desires. Keep your copy engaging and enticing, which can help boost those numbers. 
  2. Analyze your email metrics, lists, and segmentations. These various metrics are indicators of your relationship with ISPs, and in what areas you need to make improvements. Make sure you are regularly cleaning your lists, which brings us to point three.
  3. Examine your deliverability. Factors like high hard bounces, high spam trap hits, exceeding volume thresholds, exceeding complaint thresholds, and blacklisted IP addresses all reflect on your domain’s reputation. Namely, they all signal a need for a deliverability audit.

Time to Optimize

We have listed all the best ways to optimize your email marketing to ensure they please the managed inbox, but what about actually putting it into practice?

At Ingenex Digital Marketing, we’ve been helping companies optimize their email marketing for over a decade. Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, to schedule a chat about how what changes we can make to your email marketing strategy. 

You may also contact us any time.

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