E-Commerce is Following the Trend Towards Mobile

People want to be able to do what’s convenient. More and more users are paying bills and shopping on a mobile device. Apple recently announced the release of it’s new system Apple Pay in which you can sync pretty much your entire wallet with your phone and use it to pay at major retailers without having to take out a physical card. Even Twitter is offering people the ability to buy things from a Tweet. Consider this, is your company’s e-commerce system ready to go mobile?

There are many brands and companies that already utilize an e-commerce system. Starbucks allows you to store gift cards and pay using their mobile app and credit cards like Discover allow you to pay statements as well. You can pay your utility bill and car insurance in about 5 minutes because they have transaction systems built into their mobile apps. These apps had to go through a lengthy design and approval process so keep that in mind when considering a mobile app that will include e-commerce transactions.

Security is one of the biggest considerations when you’re implementing a system that is storing credit card or bank account information. For a mobile app, make sure you’re aware of the standards required so that you don’t have any legal issues down the road. It may take a little longer.

So should your e-commerce system hop on the mobile train? It depends on the time and technological capabilities you have available. It’s always a return on investment evaluation that will differ for each company.

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