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Digital Marketing for Your Kickstarter Campaign

As a startup, you may have tried to use the power of family, friends and even strangers to help fund your enterprise via crowdfunding.

It has become so popular that several online platforms offer startups, nonprofits, and other fund-raisers marketing and fundraising management help. The biggest benefit of such crowdfunding sites is the fact that they allow people who want to invest or contribute to a campaign an easy, safe and secure way to do so.

Kickstarter probably is the best known of these platforms, with GoFundMe close behind (particularly for charitable organizations).

Still, so many startups now use crowdfunding platforms and tactics that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the sea of other fledgling businesses.

We think it’s probably wise – even necessary these days – to turn to digital marketing tactics, particularly inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing for startups is a highly effective way to help nurture, develop and engage supporters with their crowdfunding campaigns. Some of the best inbound marketing tactics used for startup marketing include the following:

  1. Get active on social media.

You’ll want to choose the channels where your startup’s supporters tend to hang out. For example, a tech company would focus predominantly on LinkedIn, while a new fashion brand will want to be sure to share posts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Post frequently and consistently. And be sure you have a uniform identity to your posts.

  1. Grow and develop your fanbase.

Provide your supporters with regular updates regarding your progress and successes. The best way to do so is via blogging – but don’t overtly promote your startup; inform your audience about the problem and provide them education and value. How will your startup benefit them or others? How will your startup be different from others?

  1. Use video as a tool.

Internet users today love video! And it’s a perfect medium for startups because it allows you to visually showcase your product or service in action. Make sure your videos are the best you can afford: you never know when a potentially huge investor(s) will watch it.

  1. Interact and engage with your audience.

Reply to questions or comments on blog posts, social media and in email messages as soon as possible. Doing so in such a public way – especially when someone has a complaint or concern – shows how customer-service oriented you are.

Also, if you make mistakes or encounter delays, talk about them. Doing so shows transparency and honesty, important traits when asking people for money. Brand loyalty and empathy are the goal, and being ‘real’ and human will help you get there,

  1. Get personal.

Tell your supporters about your background, your team members’ backgrounds, the “why” behind why you’ve launched your startup. Showcase your team’s expertise and insight: doing so increases your startup’s credibility in supporters’ eyes.

  1. Offer valuable rewards to those who donate.

People may love your idea and your product, but you’re asking them to fund your startup. You, arguably, could become quite wealthy (or at least make some sort of profit). What do your supporters get? A t-shirt? When you suggest funding amounts, make sure to showcase what a funder receives in return, and make sure those rewards grow in value as the amount given increases.

Ingenex Digital Marketing is a Michigan inbound agency (and a Hubspot partner agency!) and we work with many startups to help attract their ideal supporters and customers. We can help you with your business far beyond the Kickstarter days.

Contact us or request a consultation to learn how Ingenex can help you take your business to the next level.


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