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Even Post-Pandemic, Digital Channels Are Here to Stay: Are You Keeping Up?

If the pandemic has brought anything together, it’s business to business (B2B) buyers and marketers. In 2020, B2B marketers had to quickly adapt to new technologies to keep up with buyer preference toward digital channels. In fact, over one-third of B2B technology buyers say websites and other digital engagement channels are more significant in their buying journeys, and that human selling engagement has decreased in importance. Despite more and more businesses opening up in 2021, this preference is likely to stay.

B2B Marketers Turn to Tech 

In order to capitalize on new digital strategies, many B2B marketers have turned to artificial intelligence and other automation technologies. This allows efficient progression of the buying cycle by optimizing advertising, recommending content, and personal engagement. Features such as chatbots and virtual assistant technologies help scale automated buyer conversations to offer personalized experiences. Forrester’s 2021 Report even predicts that over one-third of B2B technology buyers will consider chatbots within their top 10 buyer journey engagement channels. 

B2B Sellers Must Keep Up

On the flip side, B2B sellers need to work extra hard to survive in a remote and digital business landscape by continually adapting their techniques and creating new competencies to keep up with our increasingly online world. Over the next few years, B2B sellers will need the right tactics and technology to not only enhance productivity, but to also engage with customers in more effective ways. 

Fifty-seven percent of B2B sales leaders told Forrestor they plan on investing in artificial intelligence and other automation technologies to better work with activity data and upload it to their CRM systems. Forrestor predicts that within this next year, over sixty percent of B2B sellers will be using artificial intelligence and automation. This efficiency will result in the means to focus on consumer research, work with insights, and foster deeper relations with buyers. 

Will the Workplace Ever Be the Same?

2020 has drastically changed the workplace, from where we work, to how we communicate, and everything in between. With a predicted 18 million US workers remaining at home, we will need new technology to continue supporting this. Forrester notes that most firms will choose to invest in conversational artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced hardware, and intelligent automation in the months to come. They even predict that by the end of the year, one of four workers will be using new forms of automation. In preparation of automation integration, businesses need to start embracing the “human in the loop” design methodology. 

Ashling Partners Steps Up

Let’s look at an example. One of our intelligent automation clients Ashling Partners really stepped up this year to help struggling businesses deal with the pandemic. A healthcare and medical supply company, who offered half a million products to hospitals and other medical facilities, needed to keep up with dramatic demand for PPE products like masks and gloves. They turned to Ashling Partners, an RPA company and UiPath Partner, seeking intelligent automation guidance as they needed to immensely grow without adding headcount. 

In response, Ashling Partners designed a 3-year NPV analysis, and within a few short months, they had established the CoE and ROC, and automated processes with RPA, IDC, and DPA technologies across Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, IT, Operations, Supply Chain, and other business functions. Operations, for instance, were automated to handle massive volume increases for PPE orders. The result of Ashling Partners’ intelligent automation? More than 15 processes automated over $2M in benefits which were delivered through hours back to the business increased order throughout capacity at the height of Covid-19 of 400-600%. An RPA company and UiPath Partner like Ashling Partners will be key as businesses recover from this tough year.

How Will You Stay Ahead?

Overall, amidst a global pandemic and economic crisis, businesses will need to display resiliency, creativity, and adaptivity in order to survive. A huge factor of company success will come in the way technology is utilized. In this new normal, technology will be the basis of company platforms, communication, and marketing strategies to come. While this certainly entails large investments in new technology, it will be key in ensuring your company’s success in this new normal. As Forrestor states, 2021 will be the year that every company doubles down on technological experiences, operations, products, and ecosystems. 

Ingenex is Ready to Help!

Wondering how to face these marketing challenges and create solutions that help you stay on top of this digital world? That’s where Ingenex Digital Marketing comes in. Ingenex has been helping clients exceed their sales and marketing goals for 15 years, and our expertise in B2B marketing allows us to guide you through our increasingly digital world. We have been building successful inbound marketing systems since 2006 to illuminate your company, and will continue doing so – even in a global pandemic.

Talk to the Ingenex team today to learn more about partnering with our agency and boosting your digital presence!

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