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Understanding Your Social Media Audience: Keys to Success

When using social media for paid advertising you have the options of filtering your audience by location, age, gender, industry, occupation, interests, etc. The options may seem overwhelming, but the more specific your target audience is, the more valuable your campaign feedback will be. Knowing your target audience and effectively utilizing the analytics tools provided by each platform will help you improve the quality of future posts and ultimately win more leads.

Two factors to consider when defining your target audience are:

  1.      The characteristics of the buyers who use your product
  2.      Where the buyer is in the decision-making process

Who uses your product?

Companies that have a broad target market sometimes opt for vaguely targeted and ineffective marketing strategies in an effort to reach the largest number of people. Social platforms weren’t designed for these all-inclusive marketing strategies. Each platform differs based on the content users like to see, and therefore cater to different audiences. Recognizing the divisions in your consumer base will help you identify the style of content that would best promote your business and move leads further down the sales funnel.

Where is your buyer in the decision-making process?

You want to be seen as a company that promotes smart content to solve your audience’s problems. In order to do this, you need to consider the Buyer’s Journey. The three stages of the Buyer’s Journey are Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. The right content at the right time will help push your audience closer to completing the Decision stage.

Your content needs to be specific to solving your buyers’ needs or helping them realize a need exists. This means you have to know where your audience is in the Buyer’s Journey. Users who receive information they don’t perceive as relevant may unfollow your company page. Using social media ads to target users with the right content at the right stage will help boost your brand image in the eyes of your consumers and make your campaign more successful.

Once you have your target audience narrowed, it will also be useful to know the demographics that are active on the different social platforms when you are deciding where to advertise. If you’d like more information on the audiences that use social media and how to advertise on these platforms, download our free Social Media Advertising Guides!

This blog was written by Ingenex Summer Intern Nicholle Cardinal.

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