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Death to the Broker: How to Succeed in Franchise Development

How to Succeed in Franchise Development Using Non-Broker Lead Generation

You’ve started a business. A successful business, one that potentially could be scaled and expanded to different locations in your region or across the country as a franchise.

So you hire a franchise attorney and file the necessary paperwork. As you prepare to market your franchise opportunity, you start looking into hiring one or more franchise brokers to help you find franchisees.

Hold up a moment!


While working with a franchise broker can help you find potential franchisees, it shouldn’t be the only way you market your franchise opportunity.

We help companies with their franchise development using inbound marketing, and in our discussions with them we’ve found that too many rely on the “big hits.” That’s not the only way to develop your franchise business today.

Instead of waiting for a broker to send a franchisee candidate to you and sending a broker a huge commission check – often upwards of $20,000 – for those leads who actually decide to take you up on your franchise opportunity – focus instead on newer and better lead generation, such as inbound, content and social  media marketing.

Inbound Marketing’s Incredible ROI

Inbound marketing is a strategy that uses different types of what is known as “pull” marketing strategies such as blogs, social media, e-books, reports, and more to create awareness about your franchise by providing the information your potential franchisees want and need.

Inbound differs from traditional marketing in that instead using of ads, etc. to attract customers, inbound uses informative content that pulls people toward your offerings; information you provide answers their questions and concerns without all of the sales pressure. As time goes on, you then attract, convert and delight your customers.

And, as mentioned above, inbound’s ROI is little short of fantastic.

Get Smart with Your Franchise Development Efforts


While using a franchise broker could bring you instant results, inbound marketing is akin to building a Rolodex of qualified and highly targeted leads. You create content and marketing materials you then feed into your inbound marketing machine. You also use paid media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, AdWords, and retargeting.

All of this is used to snowball all of your leads and efforts into results for years to come. It works. And it’s about time to lose the broker and grow your organic leads through partnering with an inbound marketing agency who specializes in Franchise Development Marketing – Ingenex.

Franchise Development Marketing Case Study

 Don’t believe me? Take a look at the franchise development marketing results we achieved for TITLE Boxing Club:

  • Web traffic increased 484 percent between April 2015 and April 2016.
  • Total leads rose 200 percent from October 2015 (181) to October 2016 (358).
  • Total sales (locations) increased by 533 percent over the past year (through November 2016).

If you’re looking to increase organic leads for your franchise let’s talk!

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