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CRM & Marketing Automation: The Power Couple

No doubt your company uses a customer relationship management (CRM) program.  But do you also employ marketing automation (such as via Hubspot’s inbound marketing platform)? And do you even know that these two can work really, really, really well together? Truly. CRM and marketing automation: the power couple. 💯


Here’s how you can start a successful marriage between the two–a union that can bring your company marketing joy for years to come.



How Marketing Automation Makes Your Life Easier…And Your Marketing Results Better


You already know how CRM works and makes your marketing efforts easier. But you may not be as aware of the benefits of marketing automation, particularly when it comes to lead nurturing.


In a nutshell, marketing automation tools allow you to automate those marketing tasks you do repeatedly: send out emails, broadcast on social media, and so on. As far as relationship nurturing goes, automating your marketing frees up to time you can use to create useful and yet highly personalized content that helps turn prospects into leads and leads them into becoming happy and long-term customers.


Pair Automation with CRM and Boom!


Possibly the top reason to pair the two is the fact that together they can help align the efforts of your marketing and sales teams, resulting in your marketing pros passing on better leads to your sales department.


In fact, companies with marketing and sales teams who completely “get” each other tend to have 38 percent higher customers retention rates as well as 38 percent higher sales closing rates.


Enough with the Overview; Here’s What to Look for in Different CRM/Marketing Automation Tools


Obviously, you’re going to need to have CRM and marketing automation platforms that get along (integrate well together). As you look at these tools, look for:


  • A quick “push” of the lead to sales. As in no more than five minutes from lead generation to sending it on to sales.
  • Each lead should have a common identifier across all marketing automation so that a duplicate lead is noted (for example: someone calls and asks a question and downloads a free ebook). You want to make sure leads can be “de-duplicated.”
  • Make sure sales can see if a lead continues to interact with marketing: someone downloads a whitepaper even after speaking with a sales person, for example.
  • Your marketing automation interface should be able to target customer contacts depending on, for example, size, geo area or industry and not require a new data dump from the CRM.
  • Once a sales person contacts a lead, it may be best if all subsequent email conversation “comes” from that salesperson. Make sure the marketing automation component can pull this type of data from its lead owner (sales person).
  • Integration should allow for rules between data systems and syncs that can be adjusted directly by your marketing department without having to rely on coding/engineering sources.




Right!? Finding a separate CRM that works well with a separate marketing automation platform is difficult (and you may know this from recent personal experience). HubSpot’s platform does both and does it well. But – good golly! – this is complicated and sounds like a Ton. Of. Work. Or, if not, work, it appears to require a lot of expertise.


And, we must admit: you’re right. Lead nurturing is simple in concept but can be problematic in execution if only because leads continually appear and disappear and buyers don’t buy at the same time. So marketing and sales continually are working with different prospects who are at different stages of their buyer’s journey. Automating it makes it easier, but we’ve never said it’s easy.


Unless You Let Us Do This for You


(That’s right: here comes our pitch.) Ingenex Digital Marketing is a HubSpot Certified Partner and we can help you integrate your CRM and marketing automation with ease because we – using HubSpot’s lead nurturing software – will do it for you.



Let us help you target and then market to your optimum prospects, guiding them through the sales funnel from visitor to prospect to lead to happy, long-term customer.


Want more information inbound marketing’s talent at relationship nurturing? Download our free Inbound Marketing Toolkit and whether it piques your interest and/or raises even more questions, contact us any time.

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