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Content: Quality vs. Quantity

So, as we mentioned in our recent post on how search engine optimization is more than just keywords, you know that you need to provide a lot of great content to your prospects, content that’s fun to read (or at least not boring) and full of valuable information.

You will provide that content in the form of white papers, infographics, videos, ebooks, etc., but most of your content creation is going to be in the form of blog posts. Lots and lots of blog posts.

Yet while you should blog at least once a week (twice a week is better, if you have the time), you also need to make sure that your content is as informative and well-researched as you can make it. In order to stand out from others in the blogosphere and be seen as an industry leader, you need to ensure you don’t give up quality for quantity (and vice versa).

In a nutshell, your content creation needs to be a balancing act between the two.


Marketing experts recommend that marketing writers collect what is known as a “swipe file,” which is a collection of great examples of different ads, marketing strategies, etc. that marketers can use for inspiration and education. We’ve already compiled something like a swipe file for you in the form of a blog post we wrote in March 2017 that listed 15 top-notch marketing blogs. Take a look below for a deeper dive into a few of the blogs listed there that we love most. Read some of them and study their posts for tips on how to create a blog that will stand out from the others’.

1. Still number 1 in our eyes: HubSpot’s blog.

HubSpot offers the digital marketing world an incredibly useful and results-getting inbound marketing platform and its top-notch blog arguably is the best blog about inbound marketing! What’s more, the blog offers information on far more than marketing: it discusses artificial intelligence (and its possible impact on marketing), career advice, productivity tips and, of course, marketing advice and strategies. Check it out!

2. Study social media tactics with the best.

You’re going to broadcast your blog posts out into the world and the first place you’ll do so is via your social media channels.’s blog offers insights on getting visitors to your channels organically, discusses different engagement strategies, optimizing your social media channels, and much more.

3. Want to learn more about all things digital marketing? Check out

The whole site is a blog and discusses everything and anything related to digital marketing. Study its blog for insights on how to create interesting and informative posts (while learning a ton on today’s marketing strategies).

4. Our blog.

If you thought we weren’t going to mention Ingenex Digital Marketing’s own digital marketing blog, well…..


We’ve been helping businesses throughout Michigan and the U.S. with their inbound marketing efforts for 10-plus years (we’re a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner) and our blog is full of insight and strategies into inbound as well as digital marketing strategies. Check it out!

For more information on how we can help with your content creation, contact us.

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