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Your Company Needs a Content Audit, Amirite?

Content marketing can be a messy business.  Any company that creates, publishes and distributes content on a consistent basis ends up with a glut of information.  Even the highest-quality blogs and the most engaging social posts can find themselves slipping into a seeming abyss.

Sound familiar?

How many times have you searched madly for a post you know is there, because it was a hit when it got published… or found a terrible, outdated piece of writing hidden deep in your website that you know you got rid of ages ago? It’s time to take stock of what you have and evaluate how it’s performing!

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have a content marketing strategy? Is it consistent?
  • Does it effectively communicate the goals and values of your brand?
  • Ultimately, is it efficient? Does it help you sell your goods or services?

The top 5 reasons you probably need a content audit:

1.  You (and your customers) are unclear about the strategy, goals and mission of the brand.

Are your content producers on the same page? Do they understand the why of the business– the reasons you do what you do? When content is not guided by clear principles and goals, it will get muddled and become less clear as time goes on, especially when multiple members of the staff write your content.  Make sure your team is communicating!

2. You’ve got lots of traffic, but low conversion rates.

Have you noticed that while there is traffic to your site, it simply isn’t converting? Do visitors view only one or two pages before leaving your site?  Are people finding and using the content?

Increasing the amount of content may not harm your chances, but it won’t necessarily bring the right people to the right pages.  A clear plan can help you get that content organized, so that  people can find it when they need it!

3. Your sales team doesn’t see any benefit from your content efforts.

What’s it all for? When sales and marketing teams don’t work together, it can be difficult to transition leads smoothly to customers. With a properly structured marketing and sales funnel, your content can lead visitors along their journey to customers in a clear and consistent way.  This is the true value of content marketing.

4. Your most loyal readers aren’t reading anymore.

Have the visitors that liked and subscribed to your content in the past become less engaged over time, or even suddenly? Is your content falling on deaf ears?  Examining the patterns of content consumption in your most loyal fanbase will tell you much about the state of your recent output.

5. You need help improving your content marketing ROI and don’t know where to start.

Are certain topics thriving on your site while others fall flat? Are there topics that you don’t cover that may make sense in your industry?  Taking stock of your folio of content will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and help you to determine the likelihood of success with future content endeavors.


Ultimately, when reviewing existing content, the question is: does It fulfill the needs of both the user and the business?

In order to make the best use of your content marketing time, you’ll want to start cleaning out the closet.  Take a content inventory and perform a content audit to find out which content is serving you and your customers, and which can be removed, repaired or recycled.  This will help you to identify the value and goals of your current content efforts.  

We hope this post has been helpful!  If you’ve determined that your company needs a content audit, the following articles may be useful.  The first gets into the nitty-gritty details of content inventory, and the second article from Hubspot demonstrates how to run a simple audit to find gaps in your marketing strategy.  

Need to go back to basics? Let us help! The Inbound marketing pros at Ingenex Digital Marketing created this guide to Valuable Content; SEO is more than keywords, after all.


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