Weber’s Boutique Hotel


One of the top Michigan hotels, Weber’s is a deluxe, full service boutique Hotel, Restaurant, Banquet & Conference property. Founded in 1937 by Herman Weber, Weber’s is still owned and operated by the Weber family, committed to guest satisfaction.


Weber’s is a famous venue for weddings and they get a lot of web traffic and inquiries. But their banquet sales person was overwhelmed with calls and questions about weddings. She spent so much time on the phone it was hard to find the real prospects with all the noise. It was an unworkable situation. Weber’s came to us and asked how do we increase weddings sales without increasing the size of our sales staff or spending too much money?

“A wedding website redesign and inbound marketing by Ingenex helped us sell out for next season. Ingenex is filling our sales funnel and delivering qualified leads to our sales team.”

– Ken Weber, Owner, Weber’s Boutique Hotel


Ingenex solved the problem by designing a new Weber’s Wedding section on the hotel website. We then took the old text PDF’s of wedding information and creating stunning e-brochures using local photography of actual Weber’s Weddings that was offered to website visitors looking for information on weddings. Using Hubspot, Ingenex built out landing pages and entire workflows targeting brides and mother of the brides. The content offers and email marketing worked to inform and educate buyers, and take the strain off the wedding sales person because much of the work was automated through the system that Ingenex built for Weber’s.


In 9 short months we generated over 2,100 new wedding prospects (leads that had previously gone un-captured). Over 15% of these prospects became qualified leads. And Weber’s has been sold out of summer weddings ever since we built the system. Here’s a hint with Weber’s Weddings – book early! Take a look at their site.