Fantelope is the World’s Ultimate Fan Competition and Engagement Platform. Fantelope will be the one app that sports fans use to interact with all their favorite college, professional and high school  teams.


Fantelope is a startup looking to add fans and teams to its roster. As a new mobile app available on the IOS App Store and Google Play Store Fantelope needed an agency to build a digital presence and make fans and teams aware of all it has to offer.

“Ingenex has been a strong strategic partner in building the Fantelope digital presence and creating content and interaction for both fans and teams. I look forward to continuing the relationship as Fantelope raises money and grows to become the leading global fan engagement platform.”

– Satish Malnaik, Fantelope co-founder

The Solution

Ingenex built out Fantelope social platforms and built a blog for Fantelope to publish posts about sports fan engagement, mobile apps and sports fans, in-stadium experience, fan favorite topics and more. Ingenex also manages email marketing and Herd Update communications to teams and fans to keep them coming back for more.  Once more investment is secured Ingenex will roll out it’s paid media strategy for fan acquisition and team engagement.

The Results

Fantelope is on it’s way to adding more fans, teams and investors. The consistent brand presence and engaging blog and social media posts are making a great impact to all who read them. Fantelope has received some startup funding from State of Michigan accelerators, and looks to raise more money through professional investors. Ingenex works closely with the Fantelope team to prepare presentation decks and communications so Fantelope can continue to reach and exceed goals for fans, teams and investors.