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Choosing the Best Imagery for Your Marketing

Words are wonderful. Words provide your prospects with the information they want – the answers to their questions, concerns and goals.

But when it comes to branding, words are much more powerful when paired with effective imagery.

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Content marketing imagery isn’t just photos, video, infographics, logos, and so on. These types of images are important, of course, but imagery – an overall aesthetic to your visual branding – ties it altogether and helps your message become unified in prospects’ eyes. It is, in brief, “the result of all the visuals that represent your brand’s identity.”

A bit of proof regarding the importance of images in your content: photos and videos make it easier to process – and certainly more entertaining – than “just” words. What’s more, Forbes Insights has reported that almost 60 percent of C-level executives prefer watching video over reading text (when both are available on the same webpage).

Two Examples of Terrific Marketing Imagery


Many know Google for simplicity in all of it webpages and apps is. The company ensures that all of its pages and tools are exceptionally easy to navigate. 

This highly simple yet effective imagery actually is the exception to the rule when it comes to using images rather than text, as Google’s search engine pages and tools have little-to-no photos, etc. When it does provide visitors with images, they’re usually in the form of its famous “Google Doodles” at the top of their search engine page.

Ingenex Digital Marketing

While we take what we do here at Ingenex Digital Marketing very seriously, we especially enjoy making our blog posts fun and entertaining. We’re known for a bit of irreverence in our marketing brand and so the videos, gifs, and photos in our posts reflects so. 

Photography Versus Animation Versus Drawings

It’s not really a competition, but photos provide a different marketing imagery than animation. Video, for example, tends to provide a much deeper engagement with your audience. Photos, however, are incredibly cheap to produce, comparatively.

Photos and gifs are readily available all over the web…and often can be had for free. Video and animation do have higher production costs and may be more effective as imagery when you want high engagement with prospects.

Marketing Imagery Resources

Free photos are easy to find online.,,, and other websites all have beautiful photos available to use, and usage is completely free. (You’re not even required to give the photographer credit, although it’s the professional and kind thing to do.)

As for video, several online services offer relatively inexpensive video creation software platforms. Some of the better known include, and many more. Here, for example, are links to two pages that offer up a list of online video-creation tools and apps.

Possibly the best creative imagery resource for you? Us! We can help you learn how to build your brand and/or create marketing imagery for you.

Simply contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, and schedule a one-on-one chat regarding your content marketing ad imagery. You also may contact us at any time.

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