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Building A Successful LinkedIn Ads Campaign

LinkedIn is a great resource for professionals to network with others in their industry. It’s also an excellent way to showcase your business to a specific, targeted audience. It’s for this reason that LinkedIn Ads are an excellent choice when considering your digital marketing strategy. But how do you create an effective campaign? We’ve got a few pointers to get you started.

  • Develop the Ideal Persona

The Linkedin persona is going to be different than your Facebook or Twitter market. Generally speaking, Linkedin is a much more professional, career-oriented space. With this in mind, craft a mental image of the type of person you’d like your ad to reach. Are they older or younger? What skill set do they have? What’s important to them?

  • Pick the Type of Ad that fits your needs

Once you’ve got your persona developed, think about the message you want to send to your audience and where you want them to see your message. For what reason would they be interested in you? Hone your messaging so that it appeals very specifically to this persona.

  • Keep it Short and Sweet

Now that you’ve got your message clarified, write your copy. Make it short and sweet, because there are strict character limits for each type of advertisement.

  • Write your own Preview Text

The preview text is what will show in the box below your post text. You have the ability to edit this text so be sure to utilize your keywords in this often overlooked piece of the ad.

Our LinkedIn Ads How-To is a great starting point to guide your decisions for all of these points. To get started, download the How-To now!

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