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Blogging in 2018

Blogging is dead.

You may have heard that – or something like it – because a) people tend to skim website pages to get the gist of the content,, b) video is king (most marketers believe marketing with video has the “best ROI”), and c) shorter and shorter attention spans are “killing content marketing” (and content marketing entails a lot of blogging).

But, to paraphrase Mark Twain (as so many do because this quotation of his is just too, too good!): The report of blogging’s death is greatly exaggerated, because, as Hubspot says in this post, it remains an “essential game plan to reach your audience.”

Why blog? Blogging means that you have a 434 percent high chance of being ranked high n search engine results. In addition, businesses that use blogs as part of their digital marketing receive 67 percent more leads than those who don’t.

Now that we’ve convinced you about how great blogging can be, if you’ve never blogged before you may be wondering about how to start a blog, the best blogging tools to use and which blogging platforms are best.

Take a look below for our advice.

1) Write about things your prospects want to read, not what YOU want to read. 

Your prospects are looking for answers to their questions and concerns and looking for solutions to their problems. Simply put: your business blog should answer those questions. Do so and you’ll get their attention.

You can also blog about things going on in your company – employee bios always are fun to read – but 90 percent of your posts should provide information that answers your prospects questions and concerns. Also: never, ever, ever sell. Provide information only.

2) Take a look at different blogging platforms.

WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr., and more all offer terrific platforms and  most offer free blog tools as well as paid services., for example, is a free platform but if you want to look   professional – which we assume you do – you should go with its paid platform ( if only because the free software isn’t nearly as robust as the paid one.

3) Stumped for topic ideas?

Many free tools exist to help you come up with blog topics. HubSpot has a free blogging topic tool, as do many other sites. Simply Google “free blog topic idea tool” and up will pop several.

 4) A few blogging best practices.

We don’t want to scare you with a litany of the best things to do when blogging, because they are considerable. For example, some experts recommend blogging two  or three times a week (!!). But you needn’t do so to start: blog at least once a month and then move up to twice a month as you’re able. The most important thing is to blog regularly and consistently. If you decide to blog once a month, make sure you do so….once a month!

Blogging is a terrific digital marketing tactic, because – in addition to  the benefits mentioned above – it’s something you can do yourself and which you can completely control. However, if you don’t want to do it all on your own, partner with a digital marketing agency such as Ingenex. We’re experts at capturing the attention of your targeted prospects in the topics we will recommend and then the blog posts our cracker-jack writers will create for you.

If you have any questions or concerns yourself about blogging platforms, contact us.

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