Best Tradeshows for Tech Startups

So you’re ready for some VC! How are you going to find your investors? (Here are a few ideas!)

Here’s another thought: Have you thought of tradeshows? If you’re a start-up, heading to a tradeshow can be a GREAT place to network and find potential investors. Just some of the reasons this is so include:

  • Forty-six percent of those attending are executives or upper management.
  • Eighty-one percent of decision makers who attended a tradeshow asked that a sales rep visit their company (we imagine that because they’re open to talking to a salesperson, they would be amenable to discussing business with a start-up).

Or, as the article says: “Face time beats FaceTime.” In other words, tradeshows are great places to talk to a live person, look them in the eye and tell them what you’re all about. In-person meetings are far more powerful than any phone call, email or even Skype session. Potential investors need to trust you: it’s much harder to engender trust via a go-to-meeting session than it is sitting down over coffee or dinner at a tradeshow.

Come Prepared: Investors Await!

Many people look at tradeshows as a way to get away from the office and have a bit of a vacation. Wrong! Team members need to remember that they’re there for marketing and to make a good impression. They should know your business inside and out because they will need to show that they’re well-versed in what your start-up offers investors. They will be working your booth, not playing.

Those manning the booth should know:

  • How your offering compares to your competitors’ (and how it’s better).
  • The details of your products’ costs, break-even points, etc.
  • Customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, your predicted runway, and more. (You’re not at a pitch presentation, but the more nitty-gritty your booth workers know when they speak to tradeshow attendees – who may be able to refer you to investors, if they’re not potential investors themselves – the better.

Finding Tradeshows and Conventions

Not every convention or tradeshow is going to be a good fit for your tech startup. And while you could do some sleuthing and research on your own to find the ones that best fit, you really should be spending most of your time getting your startup ready for its close-up with investors.

So that’s why you may want to take a look at Lodestone Insights, a service that tracks almost 6,000 conferences in the tech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and life sciences industries by using its proprietary algorithm to rate each tradeshow in terms of its ROI for a particular business. Lodestone was a start-up itself two years ago, so it probably understands your own need to find investors extremely well.

Get the Capital, Start the Marketing (in EARNEST)!

Once you land your investors, you’re going to need to put your start-up’s marketing on overdrive. Of course you will have done some marketing and selling before you acquired investors (you needed a good level of sales in order to be attractive), but now it’s big dance!

And the best type of digital marketing for a startup is inbound marketing because inbound attracts highly targeted prospects to you, and then helps them along on their buyers journey to becoming exceedingly happy customers.

Ingenex Digital Marketing has worked with several startups, helping them find and close their perfect customers.  We’d love to do the same for you: contact us to learn more.

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