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Best Trade Shows for Startups to Attend

Sharp readers of our blog may say to themselves, “Self, I think Ingenex is repeating itself: they just posted a boffo blog post in June on this very same topic!”

And you’d be somewhat correct: that post suggested attending trade shows for tech startups. This post recommends that any start up do so!

What’s more, that June post suggested that those tech startups rent a booth at the conference: in this post we recommend that a startup’s owners simply attend the tradeshow/register for the conference and then soak up the wisdom, strategies and advice they’ll receive as a result and network, network, network because potential partners and investors galore will be there doing the exact same thing!

If that isn’t reason enough, take a look here for some statistics that prove the value of tradeshow attendance for startups.

Take a look below for some terrific trade shows we’ve found that are coming up later this year in order of cost, from least expensive to most.

  • The one-day Small Business Expo will be held in four different cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix) starting in late fall and ending in October. Workshops include social media marketing, SEO, best practices for websites, legal tips and pitfalls to avoid, marketing on a budget, and more. Best of all? These conferences are free!
  • If you want to perform the best type of marketing for your startup – the kind that delivers the absolutely best in ROI – attend Inbound 2018 September 4-7 in Boston. It’s here that you’ll learn some of the most innovative marketing, sales and customer success strategies. Register by August 15 and you can attend for as little as $499 for the community pass on up to$1,499 for the all-access pass, to $1,999 for VIP status.
  • No matter what type of startup you’re starting, South by Southwest® (known the world over as SXSW) is going to be held March 8-17, 2019 in Austin, TX. In addition to enjoying terrific music, you can attend seminars on a huge variety of topics of interest to startups, from an entrepreneurship and startup track, to tracks on VR/AI, the tech industry, brands and marketing, and so much more. Sign up by September 13 and you can attend SXSW Interactive for $825 (the price goes up to at most $1,325 as a “walk up” during the event itself).
  • The most expensive on this list, TechCrunch Disrupt2018, takes place September 5-7 in San Francisco. It’s expensive for a reason because, as its website says, the conference presents and discusses “emerging trends in the business of technology.” The fun takes place on four stages, includes dozens of interactive workshop and networking.

Marketing your startup is going to take time and money. Partnering with an experienced startup marketing firm such as  Ingenex Digital Marketing can help you see a terrific return on your investment quickly.

Learn more about how our inbound marketing strategies can help your startup and, if you have any questions, don’t be shy: contact us!

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