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Behavior Flow: A Buyer’s Journey Secret Weapon

As a franchisor, you’ve made a point to make sure your franchise website is user friendly and attracts the right franchisee prospects. After all, you want them to begin their buyer’s journey with you the right way, so that they’ll eventually purchase your franchise opportunity.

You start regularly checking out your Google Analytics and you find that your bounce rate is sky high. People are leaving your site before they fill out your form for the free information! Not just once, but over and over! You’re not getting any leads.

What can you do? How can you fix this? What is your first step?

Pay attention to Behavior Flow in your website’s Google Analytics.

When Conversion Slows, Check Behavior Flow

Here’s a bit of a secret: if you want to ensure your franchise development marketing is successful, you need to know how your franchisee prospects react to your website. You may be a frequent viewer of your site’s Google Analytics, but how often do you check Behavior Flow?

This tool/report in Analytics lets you visualize where visitors go when they move from page to page on your site. You can see where they land on your site (the landing page), what pages they visit, and where they eventually leave.

Optimizing the Buyer’s Journey with Behavior Flow

Bottom line? Behavior Flow shows you where your franchise site isn’t optimized for the buyer’s journey, a.k.a. where your franchisee prospects are dropping off from their journey with you.

For example, let’s say someone possibly interested in becoming a franchisee does download an offer for a free ebook on finding franchise financing. Once they fill out the landing page’s form with their contact information, they’re automatically taken to a thank you page.

All well and good, but then they get stuck. They click back on their browser and head back to the download page, then they click back to the thank you page. Then they do it again, and again, and maybe even a third time. These folks are looking for you to tell them where to go. Did you make it easy for them to get there? Obviously not!

Another scenario: a visitor comes to your site and just…wanders. They take a look at your entire website, but never find an offer’s landing page. Is it a matter of them not seeing your CTAs or is that they’re just not interested in your offer? Yet, they are exploring your site.

Behavior Flow Knows

Check out your Google Analytics Behavior Flow report. It holds a true wealth of information, so seek it out and look at it critically.

Yet, you may need some help deciphering it. Here at Ingenex, we often walk our franchisor clients through their Behavior Flow report to show them how their site’s buyer’s journey is broken.

We’d love to help you with franchise development marketing and proper web optimization. Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, to arrange for a one-on-one chat about your franchise marketing needs. You also may contact our office at any time.

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