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Benefits of Becoming an Agency Partner

Have you recently thought of bringing someone in to help you run your business? Someone with whom you can turn to when you feel you lack something you feel is critical to have when it comes to marketing your products or services?

We’re not talking about taking on a business partner. Instead, we’re talking about becoming an agency partner with marketing platforms and other business services. They can help you grow and provide terrific value to your own customers and clients, without taking on the burden of sharing your business success – and profits – with one or more people.

What kind of partnerships are we talking about exactly?

Many CRMs, data aggregation services, and other marketing tools will offer partnerships for agencies to take advantage of. Consider becoming an agency partner with a software or service that you use regularly.

For instance, because we use both HubSpot and Google platforms so often, it makes sense for Ingenex Digital Marketing to become an agency partner. This way, we can create a symbiotic relationship with whatever tool it is.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Let us be clear: we’re not trying to sell you on becoming partners with any of those mentioned above. The benefits of becoming a partner with these entities or similar services, however, can help you build credibility with your prospects and clients.

How and why? Take a look below.

Incredible Support

These services offer truly powerful marketing software, but they’re also extremely fervent in supporting their partners. They provide support, training, as well as software. Have a question regarding marketing? They’re there! Pronto!

Tons of Educational Advice

Agency partner programs typically provide you with a dedicated consultant who will help you download/onboard and execute their software and tools. These consultants help you for as long as you’re a partner, focusing on helping you grow your client base and revenue.

The Prestige of These Partnerships Is Priceless

Google and HubSpot are highly regarded and carry a lot of weight in the marketplace. Partnerships come with the opportunity to feature their logo on your website and other materials. Becoming a Google, HubSpot or other marketing platform agency partner will help you build a good deal of credibility as a whole.

Using the Power of Partnership

Ingenex Digital Marketing is both a HubSpot and Google agency partner. These are titles we carry proudly, knowing how much they help us help our clients. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to maintain this status. Not everyone wants to take on the extra work – or the additional money involved in using the platforms’ software: they don’t offer it for free.

We use the incredible power of these platforms on your behalf.Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, to set up a one-on-one conversation regarding your marketing goals. We’ll help you exceed them. Contact us at any time for more information.

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