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B2B vs. B2C Lead Generation

Making the right choices for how you connect with potential customers is critical for successful lead generation. First you have to know what kind of business you are —  Business to Business or Business to Consumer. There are different ways that you need to approach leads in each camp and we’ve got the breakdown for you to make sure you hit your target:

Target audience:

B2B: Businesses want to know that you are focusing directly on them. They are your sole client (even though we both know they are one of many). Tailor to them directly.

B2C: Customers know that they are one of many people you are trying to convince to purchase your product. Your best bet here is to analyze who is most likely to purchase and use your product and tailor marketing to that specific persona. People are not going to expect/want you to know what they had for lunch, but don’t try to sell teenagers denture cream.

How you’re going to entice them to purchase

B2B: Have a stable relationship with them. They want to trust you and your product. Be warm and trustworthy, make them want to talk with you. Offerings here should be customized to each individual business.

B2C: Make the customer perceive that your product is better than your competitors. Don’t worry about customizing a plan here (unless your product requires it). Higher priced items are perceived to have better quality, but bargain shoppers will always be looking for deals.

TIme to spare?

B2B: Your business leads will have less time to spare when it comes to making deals. Make sure you ask about any time constraints when talking to businesses. This will show that you care about their time and are considerate of their needs and keeps you on track.

B2C: Consumers tend to have a little more time to spare when it comes to making a deal. They’re usually more flexible when it comes to decisions and learning about a product.

It’s important to identify tactics to create leads, and it’s even more important to implement those tactics to deliver lead generating results. Make sure you know how to approach lead generation for yourself or a client whether it’s B2B, B2C, or something inbetween.

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