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Franchise Development Marketing

Attract Franchisees with Smart Marketing

Franchise opportunity you want to sell? Check. Build-your-business plan all ready for franchisees, with pretty much all the kinks worked out? Double check. Now, all you need are buyers.

If you build a smart franchise marketing funnel, you will attract franchisees!

How Savvy Franchise Digital Marketing Works

Purchasing a franchise isn’t something someone just decides to do when they fire up their laptop on Monday morning. It’s quite a considered purchase: they will consider the decision and consider it some more. For months, or possibly even a year or two. After all, they know that starting a business – even one with a proven track record of success – is going to change their lives completely. It’s not something one does on a whim.

Franchise marketing entails courting potential franchisees: answering questions, being a source of great information, and reducing their many concerns. You do all this without a hint of selling. You’re simply the friendly, wise, experienced, and helpful entrepreneur who just happens to be selling franchise opportunities that people may want to buy.

You’ll provide information via a marketing funnel, providing prospects with different types of information depending on where they are in their buyer’s journey.

Your Plan to Attract Franchisees

Here’s a very simplified roadmap of how your franchise marketing manager or franchise development marketing agency will work:

  • They will entice target audiences with blog posts full of information about the pros and cons of purchasing a franchise like yours (top of funnel).
  • They then send prospects a free report in exchange for their email address. (They’ve now become leads: travelers in the middle of the funnel).
  • Your marketers soon will invite leads to speak in detail with one of your sales representatives and, once they do, these potential franchisees move to pretty much the bottom of your funnel. And so on.

Additional Strategies to Attract Franchisees

In addition to working your marketing funnel, your team should reach out to franchise lists. Find out how you can add your franchise to them. Many Google “franchises to buy,” and these lists heavily work the magic of search engine optimization to land at the top of a search engine’s results. If you’re one of the franchise opportunities listed, this can be great way to help wanna-be franchise owners find you. Perhaps the best known franchise list is Entrepreneur’s annual franchise ranking.

You and your marketing team will work hard in the beginning to create a branding program that showcases your franchise opportunity as one that’s exceedingly likable, newbie-friendly, positive, fun to run, and successful.

You also may consider targeting small businesses (non-franchises) similar to yours about switching over to a franchise with you. If done correctly, this can be a highly effective way to gain new franchisees.

Seeking More Help

Regardless of how franchisors find potential franchisees, all need help with branding, creating an effective marketing funnel, and more. Ingenex Digital Marketing has helped several franchises successfully market themselves and we’d love to help you market yours.

Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, to set up a time to chat to learn more about our franchise marketing services. You also can contact us any time.

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