Should sales and marketing be a delightful experience? Of course it should.

Marketing is the process of illuminating all your company has to offer and telling your unique and engaging story. Sales is a combination of educating the buyer and giving them the information required to make a decision. Since 2006 Ingenex has built a successful inbound marketing system that works to illuminate results and delight customers.

As a Hubspot Inbound Marketing Agency Partner we specialize in Franchise Development Marketing, Higher Education Recruitment, Associations, Membership Organizations and Tech Startup Marketing.

If you’re looking for an agency partner to illuminate your sales and marketing effort, talk to the team at Ingenex.

Illuminate your brand and audience personas in the discovery phase of work. Ingenex uncovers the makeup of your audience and discovers their motivations. A well-crafted persona is the foundation of your campaign, informing design, social media, inbound marketing content offers, email marketing tactics, paid media and more.

Ingenex illuminates the digital presence of your brand. Our team of talented designers, writers, hubspot inbound marketing experts, seo and ppc professionals, and web developers work in tandem to develop and produce breathtaking work that delights users and converts users into prospects and eventually customers.

Experience shows that if you delight your audience they will keep coming back. Ingenex works to inform and delight your audience as we move them forward in the sales funnel from prospect, to lead, to customer. Delighting digital users has always been our goal, and we deliver on this promise for every brand partner we work with.

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