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7 Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference with Your Landing Pages

Your landing page is prime real estate when it comes to gathering leads. As an inbound marketing agency, our primary goal is to optimize the number and quality of conversions for our Detroit-area clients.

We convert your site visitors into leads via a landing page. Just about every client’s landing page will be different, and each landing page for each download offer will be different. As an Hubspot partner, we follow their strategies including the company’s terrific universal recommendations for creating better converting landing pages.

Here are seven best practice tips when it comes to landing pages.

  1. Grab ‘em with a great headline.

Many companies tend to title their landing pages with only the name of the content they’re promoting for download. Instead, a bold headline establishes your page’s credibility and authority, helping keep visitors from leaving the page immediately.

  1. Improve the page’s SEO with a page title.

Your page title is a short (160 characters) description and it’s the first thing a visitor may see. Make sure it’s concise and includes important keywords because a search engine’s “crawlers” will be inspecting it for relevance.

  1. Use images and video to grab a visitor’s attention.

We are in a try before you buy marketplace. Providing a thumbnail preview of the infographic or ebook offer entices your visitors for what is yet to come. These previews give the user excitement and often lead to higher conversion rates.

  1. Always make sure the images on your landing page are mobile optimized.

Almost 50 percent of people using the Internet for research do so on mobile devices. That means users are coming to your landing page via their smartphone or tablet. the harder the mobile experience you provide a user, the harder they will be to convert.

  1. Less is more when it comes to your landing page’s body copy.

They’re already arrived on your landing page, so your call-to-action to get them there worked! Now you need to focus on the main benefits visitors will get by downloading the offer. Use bullet points to really showcase the benefits. These benefits have to be compelling enough to entice your visitors to give you their contact information in exchange for your download.

Limit those bullet points/benefits to no more than five. Doing so helps a reader see the key benefits quickly without have to dive deeply into paragraphs of copy.

  1. Remember to ask them to share on social.

Make sure your sharing buttons are prominent on the page but remember to use just those channels that work best for your company. It’s also best to customize the message your visitors will see when they click to share. That is, for a share on Twitter, make sure the message has no more than 140 characters, including a shortened url.

  1. Always place a form on your landing page. Always!

If you don’t ask visitors to fill out a form before presenting them with your free content, you’ve just really given that information away for free: you have no lead! A form on a landing page is the best way to generate leads. You can’t follow up with a lead to continue the conversion unless you know how to contact them.

As for the form’s length, it depends on where the visitor is in the sales funnel. If you’re at the top, a name and e-mail address is appropriate in exchange for a lighter content piece. If they’re further along, prospects want more meaty content. Provide an ebook or report and ask for things on your form such as title, company name, company url, and phone number.

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