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5 Ways to Stay Current: Social Media

If you’re trying to stay at the top of social media trends here in fall 2017, you’re not alone; it does feel ever-changing and overwhelming!  …Even to us, sometimes.

But it needn’t feel that nor be that way. Instead, we believe in keeping things real and keeping them simple.

So with that in mind, take a look below for five simple ways you can keep up with social media news, trends and new platforms.

  1. Blogs, blogs everywhere and too many on which to focus.

You know you need to keep up with the news regarding marketing trends and social media tips, yet there are dozens upon dozens of blogs who purport to do just that. Let’s keep it simple. Just read Marketing Land, HubSpot’s marketing blog, and – of course! –the Ingenex blog.

  1. See what’s trending in the news and on social media with Google Alerts and Hashtags.org.

As a marketer you want to keep up with trends, news and social media regarding your product/service. Set Google alerts for keywords and names pertinent to your offerings so that you will be notified when they appear on blogs, in news articles, on social media, etc.  (Your first step is to set up an alert for your company’s name, for example.)

Then head over to Hashtags.org to see what topics are trending on Twitter.

  1. Join social media marketing groups on LinkedIn.

We all need our own “brain trust,” or “mastermind” group. LinkedIn Groups (such as Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business Professionals) can be a terrific way for you to learn about new strategies and ask for social media tips from other marketing and social media professionals at all levels of  expertise from all over the world.

  1. Use Feedly.com to customize and subscribe to news feeds.

A free tool, Feedly.com allows you to receive news on one or more topics (or keywords) from many sources – all of which you can access in one place. The aggregator lets you search by topic or keywords so that you can read articles and stay abreast of current event and knowledge within your industry sector.

  1. Create a Twitter stream of social media hashtags.

Doing so allows you to see what people are talking about regarding social media in real time. Hashtags you may want to could include #socialmediamarketing #B2BSocialMedia, #inboundmarketing, #digitalmarketing, #socialmediatrends, and so on.

If you’ve found this post you undoubtedly are interested in digital marketing and – possibly? – how an inbound marketing agency can take your marketing results to the next level (and beyond!).

Ingenex Digital Marketing is a Michigan inbound agency specializing in startup marketing, as well as franchise development, higher education, non-profit/association marketing, and more. As a Hubspot partner agency, we have helped our clients enjoy the phenomenal marketing results they deserve.  Schedule a consultation to learn more!

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