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5 Tools Everyone in the Lead Generation Industry Should Be Using

You don’t get sales without leads and as much as marketing professionals might wish for it on a Sunday night, MQLs don’t magically appear in your in-boxes at 8 a.m. Monday morning. Nope: these leads need to be worked for; coaxed and nourished. HubSpot’s software is awesome at producing these leads and for extra marketing juice. Here are an additional five tools that everyone in the lead generation industry should be using (according to us.)


  1. Market overseas or to non-English speakers? You need Translate.


Half of all Google searches are in languages that aren’t English, and 85 percent of those potential leads aren’t going to buy from you if you don’t provide information about your product/service in their native tongue. Translate integrates easily with HubSpot and allows you to translate your blog posts, landing pages and emails into 94 language pairs.



  1. Capture qualified leads with premium video content via SproutVideo.


Video is terrific when it comes to lead generation: video in a marketing email can boost your click-through rate by 200-300 percent! Embed a video in a landing page and you can see your conversion rates skyrocket by 80 percent.


SproutVideo allows you to capture leads with video. Its integration with HubSpot allows you to send these MQLs and – dare we say it? – SQLs to your Hubspot account. In addition, the SproutVideo generation tool provides you with detailed information regarding a prospect’s viewing behavior, which then lets you send targeted email campaigns to your list.


  1. Let an AI-based sales assistant help your sales pros with their SQLs with Conversica.


Conversica helps your sales team members by engaging with your leads in what appear to be human conversations. It reaches out to each and every lead as often as you need it to, as long as you need it to, thus freeing up your sales pros to focus on selling rather than chasing after leads. It also integrates well with HubSpot. (You’re detecting a pattern here, aren’t you?)



  1. Landing pages are an integral part of lead generation. Lower bounce rates with Unbounce.


Unbounce provides high-converting landing pages as well as overlays for capturing those leads, all the while managing within HubSpot. Say buh-bye double-digit bounce percentage!



  1. Still like sending direct-mail pieces for lead generation? Use Inkit.


Inkit lets you send customized direct-mail items directly from your HubSpot CRM. Direct mail still works, but it can be expensive and difficult to do right (as in generate proper MQLs). Inkit and HubSpot make it easier!


HubSpot is THE best lead generation platform available!


You’ve no doubt noticed that each of the marketing tools mentioned above integrate well with HubSpot’s marketing platform. The operative word here is integrate. As in “work with.” In that HubSpot can produce highly targeted leads madly, furiously, with both guns blazing all on its own. You don’t even need any other lead gen tools!


Our agency, Ingenex Digital Marketing, is a HubSpot Certified Partner. We aim the Gatling gun that is HubSpot’s lead generation capability so that you gather highly targeted prospects (and then lead them on their path to becoming your customer). Contact us today.

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