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4 Social Search Engines You Need to Know About

Social search engines take your personal social network into consideration each time you perform a search. This brings businesses recommended by friends, family and colleagues in your network to the forefront of your searches. You’re more likely to trust a friend’s advice more than a stranger’s, so social search factors this in for you already, making your life easier. Several strategies exist to boost the likeliness your company’s website will appear on users’ search pages. One is to make your information more shareable.

Now that you’ve taken all the necessary steps to mold your website to be found under a social search. You need to find a way to track social search data. Four websites are listed below that are designed to help track customer data and make their information available for your benefit:

  1. Smashfuse: supplies you with information from a variety of social media platforms, not just Facebook and Twitter. Plus, current trending keywords are displayed on their homepage that can be used for your benefit.
  2. Social Mention: a real-time search engine and analysis tool that is updated constantly, keeping your business up-to-date. This website also tracks what people are saying about your business all over the world across several social media platforms.
  3. Topsy: a social analytic site that keeps an index of all the tweets you could possibly think about and identifies current trends happening in the twittersphere.
  4. Social Searcher: this highly-organized and free social media search and analyzing site is very popular. You can search for current and past social media content related to your business. They will even send you information, alerts and messages about important content you’re searching for.

Depending on the needs of your company and your use of social media, these websites provide powerful resources. They allow you to watch, in real-time, what your customers are saying about your business and content related to you as well as stay updated with your customers’ demographic data and recent searches. To find out how to make all of this possible and discover other strategies, check out our SEO Challenges Guide.

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