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3 Ways Content Marketing Improves Conversion Rates

What makes your brand stand out online? A good product can make life better, happier, or simpler. Likewise, a good content marketing strategy aims to help people find information they are looking for. Regardless of your product or brand’s specific purpose, building a community of dedicated brand advocates will benefit your bottom line. To stand out online consider our three reasons to implement a content marketing strategy, complete with blogging and email efforts to improve conversion rates.

1. Providing Value Increases Consumer Trust

Content marketing is powerful because it enables brands to contribute positively to people’s lives in meaningful ways, both before and after the sale. By consistently providing your audience with high quality content, you become a reliable source of information that they will come back to. A strong content marketing strategy creates an engaged community of people who love your content and love to share it within their own social circles. This is important because potential customers are 71% more likely to convert if their friends referred them on social media. People trust their friends to make solid recommendations and are more likely to become customers when they feel they can trust your brand.

2. More Pages, More Opportunities

Maintaining a blog creates the opportunity for the numerous amount of separate pages for search engines to easily index. Each blog post you publish has its own unique keywords that help potential customers find your business and become leads. Websites with more than 40 unique landing pages yield 12x more leads than websites with only 1-5 unique landing pages.

3. Email Brings Them Back

When someone visits your site and fills out a form, they provide you with their email address. If visitors engage with your site and become leads, you can prompt them through targeted emails to keep them moving along the conversion pipeline. Using your blog and website to provide value to potential customers incentivizes them to further engage with your site. Using the information you gather from forms to re-target leads through email with then encourage leads to become customers. These re-targeted customers are 3-5x more likely to convert and more likely to be open to upselling. The continued communication with email campaigns are a valuable way to close sales.

Content marketing strategies for your audience creates the opportunity to express your brand voice making the time and energy required a worthwhile investment.

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Written by: Laura Browne

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