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2018 Trends in Marketing Associations

Are you using artificial intelligence (AI) to help you personalize your association marketing communications?

If not, you soon will, as AI is one of the top trends in marketing associations this year – and beyond.

Take a look below for more 2018 association marketing trends.

Push notifications from your website.

No doubt you already use push notification for a mobile app, but you’ll soon be able to send them to prospect’s laptops/desktop, even if they’re not ON your website!

Social media advertising costs will continue to rise this year and beyond.

While advertising on Facebook is still quite affordable, especially taking into consideration its overall terrific ROI, advertising on the site has increased: about 74 percent year-over-year in 2017. The trend is similar on other social channels. So if you didn’t increase your social advertising budget for your association in 2018, you’re probably already behind your competitors.

Social media’s algorithms are turning your followers’ feeds into social echo chambers.

Algorithms more and more are determining what your association members see on their personal social channels. The good news about this is that this allows you to engage with your audience in highly individual segments, creating content that appeals specifically to each of them. Your messages to your members are therefore amplified, which encourages participants in each of the segments to engage and share with one another.

This should encourage you to provide more interactive content.

Games, listicles, quizzes, infographics, etc. are great at not only collecting user information/data, it also creates engagement that helps members continue to interact with your social media content longer.

You may want to focus more on Instagram.

The photo-sharing social channel has really hit its stride this year, particularly with its introduction of Instagram stories (it’s already more popular than the social channel it copied, Snapchat). More than 800,000 people used it in 2017 and those numbers undoubtedly have grown since then.

We mentioned AI at the top of this post, but its not-as-smart (but still brilliant) cousin marketing automation already should be taking your association marketing to new heights.

Automated marketing workflows allow you to nurture your leads in a much more refined way. No more having to hunt for content relevant for a particular lead, then create a reminder to send it and then follow up later. Instead, marketing automation workflows let your association marketing team send custom – and highly relevant – messages to every member that meets the criteria you pre-define.

Inbound marketing is going to continue to lead the way when it comes to 2018/2019 marketing tactics.

In a nutshell, inbound marketing is a type of marketing that delivers highly targeted leads to you because you’ve been providing prospects content (in the form of blog posts,  eBooks, social media posts, website pages) that answers the questions and concerns they have regarding a problem they are trying to solve or a goal they are trying to meet. (It goes without saying that that problem/goal is one your association solves.)

Here’s a nice overview/primer that offers some great ways to create content for your association marketing.

Inbound marketing truly works when it comes to attracting potential new members to your association. Contact us here at Ingenex Digital Marketing to learn more about 2018 association marketing trends.

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