Social Media Marketing

Your brand is defined by your customers. Not you.

“If I tell my Facebook friends about your brand, it’s because I like my friends – not because I like your brand.”

—Tony Wright

Social media has forever changed how we look at brands. How we market them. Even how we complain about them. Your brand’s reputation has never been more visible. It’s no longer what you or your ads say it is. It’s how your customers choose to experience it.

Social media provides us with exciting ways of marketing

  1. We can glean true business intelligence from your audience through social listening.
  2. We can develop relationships with customers to turn fans into fanatics and calm down detractors.
  3. Customers can be encouraged to create content on behalf of the brand.
  4. Brand reputations can be monitored 24/7 and attended to in a way traditional PR never could.
  5. Idea-sourcing your customers often provides a wealth of concepts your R&D department never considered.

Since our inception in 2006, Ingenex Digital Marketing has fully embraced social media. In fact, “Ingenex” is short for Interactive Generational Experiences. We believe that marketing in this century means creating digital brand experiences that can be shared and discussed and that meet the expectations of the audiences, with all their cultural challenges and norms.

But what if they say something bad about us?

News flash. Customers have been saying bad things about brands since the dawn of time. They just have better platforms for expressing their views now, but that shouldn’t dissuade your brand from being social. After all, the same platforms they used to complain can be used to respond to them directly and resolve situations. Most angry customers really just want to be listened to.

In short, Social Media Marketing from Ingenex

  • …provides you with intelligence about your brand unavailable in other mediums
  • …builds one-on-one relationships with your customers
  • …protects your reputation 24/7
  • …can idea-source your customers leading to new revenue sources and business improvements

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