Search Marketing

It’s never been more important for your brand to be found.

Search is the #1 activity online. 

Optimal placement in search is critical. Google has spoiled us and few of us look past page one of our search results anymore.

There are three elements that are crucial to success in search marketing. By following our Three Critical Factors, your brand will retain optimal placement:

  1. Being seen as a credible brand
  2. Being seen as a reputable authority in your industry
  3. Having fresh content with regular updates

Being credible means more than just saying you are.Consumers are warier than ever. They want proof. They want testimonials, recommendations, reference material and case studies. We ensure all our clients are seen as credible and trusted by their customers in relevant channels and platforms.

Being a reputable authority is not the same as thought leadership. A lot of agencies promise to make you and your brand into a “thought leader”—something that is neither measurable, nor provable. What is the benchmark for a thought leader? A high Klout score? Not likely. There’s only two measures Ingenex cares about for authority: Do your customers look to you for answers and do other industry professionals quote and link to you? Period.

Content freshness is critical to placement. Google’s Panda algorithm is making the Web a better place by rewarding those companies whose content is genuine and update their content frequently. We set content posting schedules based on when your audience views your content (time of day, day of week, peak season, etc.) as part of the comprehensive content strategies we create for each and every client.

In short, Search Marketing from Ingenex

  • …ensures your brand is seen as trustworthy and credible
  • …establishes your brand as reputable in your industry
  • …provides a content plan with regular updates of quality content

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Search Marketing (SEO and SEM)

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