Derek Mehraban

CEO, Ingenex Digital Marketing

Derek Mehraban, CEO

“Get on the Digital Bus with Ingenex Digital Marketing. We take clients on an amazing ride that involves increased website traffic, improved engagement with their customers and more sales. Join us!” — Derek Mehraban

Google “Mehraban” and you will find Derek Mehraban, a husband, father and true entrepreneur. Mehraban is CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing and runs LA2M—a weekly educational program that draws 75+ to Ann Arbor for lunch every Wednesday.

Mehraban teaches future leaders in digital marketing at Michigan State University through his New Media Driver’s License Course—a course focused on using blogs, social media, digital public relations, and SEO to grow your personal and company brand. Learn more about Derek Mehraban at his digital marketing blog.

Mehraban graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Advertising. Before Ingenex, Mehraban was an award-winning copywriter for agencies like Leo Burnett and Campbell Ewald.

Mehraban also ran business development for a successful strategic design firm before starting his own Internet marketing company. Mehraban sits on the Marketing Advisory Counsel for Michigan State University and is a frequent keynote speaker at marketing conferences.

Derek Mehraban is the co-author of New Media Driver’s License: Using Social Media for More Productive Business and Marketing Communications (Racom, 2012).

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