Consumer Bill Pay – Top Providers 2017

Today we take a closer look at Consumer Bill Pay providers and provide a list of some of our favorites for 2017. Online bill pay and payment processing is now standard practice for websites and for companies looking to improve results and make it easier for consumers to pay off their bills through simple, easy to manage online payment programs.

Our Top Consumer Bill Pay Providers list is in no particular order but it shows the best providers we could find. I hope you enjoy the list and best of luck in choosing a consumer bill pay provider for your business.


 is a flexible family of applications that makes billing easy for your business and your customers. This toolkit improves and simplifies the collections experience by integrating the latest technology into the process. HealPay is a consumer bill pay solution that works for collection attorneys, collection firms, and even property managers hoping to streamline and stabilize their payment processing. The HealPay difference is the diversity of expertise and the data-driven technology; HealPay uses advanced machine learning techniques similar to those found in online ad targeting platforms.



PaySimple is an SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that helps service businesses thrive.  PaySimple specializes in online, mobile, and POS credit card processing, recurring billing, and secure customer management.  All billing and payment activity with PaySimple is connected to the customer record, saving time and providing the opportunity to better understand and retain customers.


BillingTree develops strategic alliances with service, software, billing, and telephone providers, offering all aspects of electronic payment processing. Their suite of services can include credit card processing, paper check conversion, mobile payments, virtual agent, and more. Their payment solutions provide ease of use achieved through automation and integration.


Law Pay is a full-service online payment gateway provider Based in Austin, Texas. It specializes in credit card acceptance solutions for Bar Association members, attorneys, and law firms – and was developed by parent company AffiniPay with their input.  LawPay is recommended exclusively by 34 states and 48 city and metropolitan bar associations.


Stripe is a software platform created for internet businesses. They provide a toolkit for business young and old, helping to grow them through streamlined payment processing services.

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