How The Internet Changed Your Customers: Before and After

connecting to the Internet

The Internet has changed many things, including the how companies and interact with their customers. Before I divulge into my series on lead generation, it’s very important to understand how the Internet has changed customer behavior. Let’s take a look back at the customer before and after the Internet. 1. Marketing Inquiry Before: The relationship…Read More

3 Things Every Digital Marketer Should Know

digital marketer

1. Programming Languages At the very least, every digital marketer should be very comfortable with basic HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS provide the physical structure and design to a web page. Both of these markup languages allow you create basic documents like blog posts and landing pages, which are essential to a digital marketing…Read More

Ingenex Team Sponsors Think Local First and Washtenaw Indie Awards

think local first street party

Downtown Ann Arbor was filled with people this past Saturday (June 28, 2014) for Think Local First’s second annual Washtenaw Indie Awards street party. Located in front of our office, we had a blast attending and sponsoring the event to celebrate achievements of small businesses in our area over the past year. Think Local First…Read More

Want S’more Page Visits? 3 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic


Some things are just meant to be simple. S’mores are one of those things. Three simple ingredients create a recipe for delicious success. The same philosophy goes for increasing traffic to your blog. And if you’re looking to do just that, well, I have the infographic for you. Just like a s’more, increasing traffic to…Read More