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Back to Basics: Workflows

A well thought-out workflow shows each task necessary to complete a job, identifies important steps, finds problem areas, and displays the relationship between steps. But when it comes to content marketing, it’s more than just charting a path to convert leads.

When we talk about workflows, we’re not referring to the traditional chart with arrows and shapes. For us, workflows are a series of planned out correspondences within a specific campaign meant to gently nudge a potential lead down the sales funnel. These include thank you emails, existing list emails, and nurture emails.

It is essential that you brainstorm before you actually write the workflow pieces. Don’t just send out an email because you think it might be relevant to an existing list. A good rule of thumb is to set your goals beforehand, then establish who will receive the messages and what they’ll say.

Plan out how many messages will be sent, the number of days in between them, and the content or pages you’re trying to push. If you’re using a CRM it will probably have this built in to its automation (we love Hubspot!). Then all that’s left is to create well-written messages full of bullets, facts, and links to drive traffic to your site.

And voila! You’ll be sending nurture emails and converting leads like a pro in no time.

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